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Maysun launches 665W high power solar module with 21.4% efficiency, the era of 600W+ PV has dawned

Posted on 2021-11-25 17:27:48 By Maysun Solar
Maysun Solar has officially launched a new generation of ultra-high power solar modules with a single cell power of 665W. This represents another milestone in the PV 6.0 era, and 600W+ is unstoppable in the future.

The Maysun 665W module features high-precision technology, such as non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnection of 210mm cells; with the super-high module power, the single-string power is 34% higher than other 500W+ modules in the industry. In addition, the 665W module maximizes the use of container space during transportation, resulting in a 12% increase in charging power and a 5-7% decrease in installation costs, creating more room for lower LCOE and BOS costs.

Leading in power generation with 34% increase.

Increasing the output of a single string is a key factor in reducing BOS costs. 665w modules achieve a total power increase of up to 18,760w per string in large-scale power plants compared to other high power modules in the industry above 500w, which is 34% more than modules above 500w.

Maysun Solar 665w solar modules

The 665w module is more suitable for large ground-mounted power plants, especially for low-cost plants that are very sensitive to investment costs, because the 665w module can reduce the non-silicon cost of silicon wafers and cells in the upstream supply chain and the cost of trackers, staking, cables and labor in the downstream chain. Compared to other 500W+ modules in the industry, BOS cost savings are at least $0.08-0.09/watt, providing a clear overall advantage.

With 210MM cells, module efficiency increases to 21.4%.

The Maysun 665W module is a 210mm module with forward-looking innovations such as lossless cutting, high-density interconnection and multi-busbar (MBB). MBB and high-density interconnection increase the module's efficiency to 21.4%, while lossless cutting technology significantly reduces the risk of cell breakage and power loss. Risk of power failure.

The entire industry chain, inverters, trackers and glass suppliers, is ready for the 600W+ era of photovoltaics.

At the same time, the entire industry chain, including inverters, trackers and glass suppliers, is ready to welcome the arrival of the 600W+ era of photovoltaics

Maysun Solar 665w solar modules

Earlier this year, Huawei, Four Energy and Panasonic launched inverters compatible with 600W+ modules, and some inverter manufacturers such as TBEA, GOODWE, Golden Dragon, Kstar and SMA also announced the launch of products compatible with high-power 210mm modules.

Eight of the world's leading PV tracker manufacturers - Arctech Solar, Array Technologies, GameChange Solar, IDEEMATEC, Nextracker, PVH, Soltec, TrinaTracker - have announced trackers that are fully compatible with 210 mm UHP modules. .

Chinese glass manufacturers have also brought news that they have overcome the bottleneck in the production width of PV glass raw materials and have begun to fully produce 210 large-format modules.

With the combination of high efficiency, high reliability, high power generation and low cost, 210-mm modules are becoming increasingly popular in the market, with over 78% of tenders being for larger modules. By the end of 2021, industry-wide 210-module capacity is expected to reach 120 GW. As ultra-high power modules of more than 600W become an unstoppable trend in the PV industry, the industry will continue to provide more support for innovative 210 solutions upstream and downstream.

As an industry leader, Maysun solar will continue to focus on innovation, reliable quality and delivering value to our customers. The introduction of the 665-watt ultra-high power module is another step toward achieving renewable energy goals.